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Tips and Tricks that Will Help You Save Money while Shopping

Shopping is probably on of my most favourite activities. I can spend hours browsing, choosing and trying garments on but for me, the whole thing does not end there - I also love the feeling of purchasing a quality item for a lesser price. Today, I'm going to share some of my personal shopping tips and tricks.

Change the currency

Have you ever noticed that whenever you shop on the Australian version of online stores prices seem to be significantly higher compared to the international version of the website? This happens due to conversion rates and the GST being already included into the prices displayed in AUD. So for instance, whenever I shop on Asos I always go to the UK store because the price difference often can reach $40 dollars. Now, this is a great way to save especially when you buy several items. The website here is also a very useful tool to find out in which store a certain Asos item has the lowest price.

Wait till Sale Season

I know that sometimes it can be very tempting to shop for the new season apparel and certain styles can sell out quite fast, but in general waiting till the sale season is the best way to get the most value for your money. Most retailers have several sale cycles, so the same item often ends up being discounted multiple times (for example, YOOX has up to 80% off on designer items now). Just keep an eye on your favourite items so you don't miss out :)

Buy and return

It has happened to me so many times when I absolutely loved something I saw online but the item looked so different when I tried it on at home. Luckily, most major retailers have either free or affordable paid returns. Even if there is a small return fee,I feel like most times it's still worth returning an item rather than having it occupy space in your wardrobe knowing you'll never wear it.

Don't be Afraid of Opportunity Shops

Ever since I moved to Melbourne, browsing opportunity shops (or thrift stores) and flea markets has become one of my favourite activities. Where else would one be lucky enough to score a pair of Isabel Marant pants for $20 or a brand new Self-Portrait top for $25?! Although I don't always get this lucky, I love op shopping purely because it feels like hunting and the treasure is always worth it :)

Buy Pre-loved or Vintage Designer Items

I'm well-aware that vintage designer items can still be quite expensive but they are still priced significantly lower than retail. Vintage designer items are so expertly made, they stand the test of time. Plus, they are also one of a kind items, which makes it easy to find something truly unique. Some of my favourite places to look for pre-loved or vintage designer clothes and bags are Vestiaire Collective, Le Prix, Hewi London, Etsy (to buy directly from great vintage shops around the world - this one deserves a separate post) and of course Ebay and Gumtree. I also need to mention Hawkeye Vintage - it's a Melbourne-based vintage store with occasional pop-up sales where you can buy amazing vintage goods for a fraction of the price.

What are your ultimate shopping tricks? Let me know in comments!

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