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I Tried to Dress Like a French Girl - Here's What I've Learnt

Let's be honest - we're all a little bit obsessed with the French girl style. It's the certain je ne sais quoi, which the French - particularly, the Parisians seem to have when they create their daily outfits that makes their style so attractive.

So how do they manage to look so good wearing the simplest clothes?

When I was searching for the answer to that question, I came across Alois Guinut Dress Like a Parisian book, which I consider to be one of the best fashion reads out there. Alois does not merely teach you French fashion rules; she lays out the most common style principles on how to choose fabrics, colours and shapes to always look elegant regardless of whether you're fascinated with the way the French dress, or not.

Armed with all the knowledge I've learnt from Alois' book, I've decided to put it in practice and here's what I've learnt:

Keep it simple

Have you ever noticed that the French girl style has got a certain air of effortlessness? Their outfits never look too much put together, and the hair and makeup always looks a little undone. This is because the French girl style is always about looking a little more effortless and chic rather than really polished. With this in mind, it became way easier for me to create my daily looks: at the end of the day, no one said you have to match your shoes to your bag or have your hair perfectly done at all times.

On the Left: Reformation Polka Dot Dress (similar here) | Mango Bucket Bag (similar here) | Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses (similar here)

On the Right: Massimo Dutti Denim Dress (similar here) | Guimarães Sneakers (similar here)

Don't be afraid to experiment with colour

There is a perception that French chic is all about wearing black or neutrals all the time. While it's true that the French tend to wear these colours a lot, no one can beat them when they decide to pull off colourful combinations.

Good news is that there is no hidden magic in the way the French coordinate colours and we all can learn it through the colour wheel. A colour wheel is a visual representation of colours arranged according to their chromatic relationship. It includes primary, secondary, tertiary colours and so forth. To create interesting colourful outfit combinations, try mixing complimentary colours (the ones positioned exactly opposite each other on the colour wheel) or analogous colours (the ones positioned next to each other).

Atmos & Here Off-the-Shoulder Dress (similar here and here) | Spurr Alena Mules | Topshop Beaded Bag (similar here)

Wear black but avoid looking dull

Black is an essential colour in the French girl's wardrobe. But despite all the stereotypes, the French do not merely dress in everything black from head to toe. According to Alois, black looks best when paired with bright, warm colours like burgundy, orange, yellow, blue, turquoise and, of course, a classic red in the form of lipstick.

H&M Ribbed Top (similar here) | ASOS Black Midi Skirt (similar here) | Charlotte Olympia Kitty Ballet Flats (similar here) | Misa Los Angeles "Ciao" Bag

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