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How to Style a Silk Slip Skirt in Winter

The silk slip skirt trend has long ago made its way into many's hearts and wardrobes but is there a way to make most out of this trend and wear it the whole year round? I believe that you can definitely rock your favourite slip skirt in winter - with addition of some quintessential winter wardrobe staples a slip skirt will look just as chic as it looks worn with summer tops and strappy sandals.

One of the most obvious and yet the most stylish ways to wear your skirt is to pair it with a loose chunky knit - you can either let it hang over your skirt for a more relaxed look or belt your knit to add some structure to the outfit. Another great option would be wearing it with a cropped knit sweater - that way, you won't have to worry about wearing a belt or tucking your sweater into your skirt. To add an extra layer of warmth, wear a thin shirt or a thermal turtleneck underneath your sweater. You can also swap your sweater for a blazer to wear your slip skirt to more formal occasions - talk about a winter corporate party.

When it comes to the bottom it's again all about layering - I personally always wear my slip skirt with tights in winter and sometimes a pair of long panty liners - they provide great warmth and add a sculpt effect which is also a bonus. Add a pair of knee high or ankle boots - when it comes to the ways of pairing a slip skirt with ankle boots there is really no limit to your imagination. From cowboy boots to heavy biker boots - a slip skirt has enough versatility to allow multiple outfit combinations. Alternatively, opt for sneakers - a simple white pair or a good old pair of dad's sneakers will keep you looking stylish running your errands during the weekend.

Finally, add the last (but not least in importance) layer on top - a classic coat or a cropped puffer jacket to finish your outfit.

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