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How to Pack for European Winter Holiday

Europe in winter is magical. With streets covered in snow, Christmas markets and the abundance of warming food and beverages (I'm talking mulled wine!), Europe becomes an ultimate travel destination during cold months.

But with all the holiday magic and excitement come cold, often harsh temperatures that can really affect travellers. At the end of the day, everyone wants to relax and enjoy the holiday without freezing or worse, getting sick.

So here I'm sharing some of my European winter travel essentials to keep you stylish yet warm!

A chunky knit cardigan

No matter what country you are visiting, a cardigan is a must while travelling Europe in winter. You can wear it under a jacket or a coat for extra warmth or use it as outerwear for warmer destinations.

Cardigan - Zara

More knits

Knit sweaters,cardigans, turtlenecks will be your life savers during winter holidays. I usually stick to two bulky items, like the cardigan above and the sweater below and add one or two lightweight knits. Make sure you check the labels and pack items that have got at least 20% wool or merino wool in their composition - you will thank yourself later.

Chunky Sweater - Cotton On (shop similar)

Two pairs of pants

Apart from jeans, I always take a spare pair of trousers to mix things up a little. Plus, one can get tired of wearing jeans all the time, so I would suggest packing a skirt too with a pair of thick tights for going out.

Pretty Little Thing Faux Leather Pants

Dressy shoes

Chances are that during your visit, you will visit a restaurant or a bar where dress code is required. In that case, I always carry a pair of nicer boots with a 1 to 1.5 inch heel - something elegant yet comfortable to walk in.

Boots - shop similar

A lightweight cardigan

Lightweight items are easy to layer and they only take a small space in a luggage bag. Plus, if you are visiting warmer countries like Spain or Portugal you may need to take off your top layers but still have a replacement.

Vintage blazer - shop similar

Of course, it's not an exhaustive list of items to pack for a European winter vacation. You will still need all your beanies, glows, socks and other accessories to keep you warm! Share your winter packing tips with me in the comment section!

Trendy Blazer 2018.jpg


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