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Not another Cinderella Story

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Great shoes take you great places - I told myself another Friday night while browsing the Asos sale shoe section. It did not take long until I came across "a perfect pair" - beautiful kitten heeled shoes made out of the softest fabrics in rich blue colour...enough to make me immediately put my credit card into action.

While searching for my credit card, the eternal conflict was taking place between my brain and my heart with my brain anxiously yelling "You do not need another pair of shoes!" and my heart protesting "But they would match that cute light pink skirt so well!". In this case (just like in many others), the heart won the battle and now I am a proud owner of my very own pair of Cinderella's glass slippers though I strongly believe that if she had a pair like that she would hardly lose her shoe.

I am talking of these gorgeous shoes by Essentiel Antwerp, covered in perfect blue velvet fabric finished with pearls and stones - a combination that immediately makes me me think of the stars on night sky. Not only these shoes are gorgeous, they are extremely comfortable as the sole gives the actual bit of support to the feet unlike many other pretty shoes. You also get a variety of styling options, from flirty skirts and dresses (think Audrey Hepburn and her signature little black dress accessorised with a pair of chic kitten heels) to formal pants and suits - these shoes will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Enough of words, let's appreciate the beauty of them shoes.


Essentiel Antwerp Blue Velvet Pumps with Pearls - shop here

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