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How To Wear Statement Sleeves in 2018

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Let's talk sleeves. Statement sleeves are taking over this season with all of the kinds of voluminous and extravagant sleeves being one of the hottest trends of 2018.

I personally fell for statement sleeves after stumbling over and over again across numerous Instagram influencers rocking shirts and tops with dramatically oversized sleeves (ever heard of the mere exposure effect?). Still, I am ready and willing to embrace this trend because it is just so beautiful, elegant and feminine. It brings back the fashion of the Victorian era when at some point of time the sleeves started to expand into a leg-of-mutton shape, with a very wide top and extremely narrow stitching at the elbow. Fortunately, fashion in 2018 doesn't (yet) go to extremes but rather offers a variety of options on what to do with the sleeves.

So for this look I opted for a cozy flared sleeve knit which I paired with TOPSHOP mom jeans from the past season. Those sleeves aren't overly full but they fall nicely creating the illusion of elongated arms. This time I wore the top with baggier jeans although tops with statement sleeves generally work better with skinny jeans. The rule is the bigger the arms - the straighter and narrower the pant should be and vice versa. In my case, the sleeves aren't that dramatic so I could opt for the less fitted bottom.

Trendy Blazer 2018.jpg


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