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Casual Valentine's Day Outfit for Any Occasion

For the past two weeks, I were puzzling over what to wear on the Valentine's Day. Since Valentine's Day does not really carry a large significance for my partner and I simply because our anniversary is just a week beforehand; I try to keep my Valentine's Day outfits casual yet appropriate for any social outing.

Having spent the entire day picking, choosing and disregarding outfit combinations, I've decided to go for a dress. Groundbreaking, I know. But I've got a perfect excuse to wear this dress because I brought it with me from Paris and is there anything more romantic than wearing a dress from the City of Amour? Les Heroines is an authentic French brand and their clothing is everything I associate the French Girl Style with - effortless, beautiful and chic. Scroll down for some inspiration.

Self-Portrait Tiered floral-print chiffon dress | Forever New Isabella Blouson Print Blouse | ASOS Design button through mini tea dress | Hansen & Gretel Emmy Skirt | Keepsake Waves floral print ruffle mini dress

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