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Alley Tang - a Silk Scarf that Tells a Story

This post is written in collaboration with Alley Tang.

Accessories have long ago become an inseparable part of dressing up. As women we have plenty of options to accessorize and adorn our outfits, however of them all a simple scarf can do so much to enhance and add a touch of femininity to any look.

When I first discovered Alley Tang scarves I fell in love with the unique styles and the sophisticated nature of their products - each telling its own story through captivating colours and patterns. The patterns are anything but accidental, they are inspired by various tales of love, nature, beauty and hope. Knowing the history behind the design allows the owner develop a special connection with the scarf and pick the one that best reflects her personality.

For me, picking a scarf was a no-brainer - a stunning light blue scarf with the creamy-white little egrets was a perfect accessory to wear with my winter coats and thick knits. The Egret birds depicted on the scarf are in their breeding season and this is the time when their coat acquires a soft, milky white shade. I chose a skinny scarf, which I'll be able to both wrap around my neck and use as a hair accessory - talk about multi-purpose fashion garments! Lightweight and finely woven silk scarves became status symbols long ago (and it doesn't have to be Hermès).

I've had so much fun with styling my scarf and I hope you like the looks I've created. You can see the full Alley Tang scarves range on their website and use FESHKINS20 to get the 20% discount. Let me know in comments which print reflects your personality best :)

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