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15 Pieces You Won't Regret Buying this Black Friday Sale

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Black Friday Sale is on and millions are actively browsing internet looking for the best Black Friday deals or finally getting their hands on that one item they've long dreamed about.

I have decided to keep it light and not to get anything unless it's an essential basic piece (and we all know that one can't have too many wardrobe basics) or something I cannot live without. For the essentials, I've headed to Zara and frankly nothing can beat Zara's Black Friday Sale for the basic wardrobe pieces like cotton t-shirts or flowing pants. I've got myself a couple of t-shirts and comfortable lounge pants which I will be sharing below. I also needed a pair of wool pants for the upcoming winter holiday in Europe. I get tired of wearing jeans and leggings all the way during holidays and I was looking for something that would keep me warm without constraining movement. For this purpose, I've searched Yoox Black Friday Sale and my God, this is probably one of the best Black Friday Sales I've come across. Not only I've found my hero pants, I've now got my eyes on a pair of Celine sandals which are on amazing discount.

Finally, I've browsed Mango, Topshop and Farfetch sales. The Farfetch Black Friday Sale range is quite amazing and I'm totally in love with the Michael Michael Kors booties and the Anna F. lace up sandals.

So grab your credit card and scroll down to see the list of my absolute top items you will not regret getting this Black Friday Sale. And remember, it's only a bargain if you truly need it :)

*all the prices are in Australian dollars

Zara Cropped T-shirt

$7.95 aud

Zara Skinny Black Jeans

$34.95 aud

Zara Sneak Print Jeans

$49.50 aud

Yoox Céline Sandals

$380 aud

Yoox Marni Pump

$242 aud

Yoox Charlotte Olympia Pump

$274 aud

Yoox Aquilano-Rimondi Casual Pants

$139 aud

Yoox Tory Burch Ballet Flats

$202 aud

Mango Check Unstructured Coat$139 aud with code BLACK18

Topshop Reverse Fair Isle Jumper

$33 aud

Topshop Hurricane Croc Boots

$126 aud

Topshop Herringbone Mensy Trousers

$59 aud

Topshop Bobble Knitted Jumper

$99 aud

Anna F. Lace Up Sandals

$141 aud

Michael Michael Kors Margaret Ankle Boots

$212 aud

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