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10 Straw Bags That Won't Blow Your Budget

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Straw bags (or bucket, wicker, raffia bags and so on) have recently become a staple piece in any fashionista's wardrobe.

They come in various shapes and sizes - sometimes it's a classic basket bag, another time it's a beautiful round woven bag. Straw bags can have gorgeous side embroidery, a piece of checked fabric adorning the in-bag or a few pompoms (and with some bags all of the above).

Although straw bags usually feel evocative of summer you can still perfectly carry it around even if it's far from holiday season - it will fit all of your essentials and will definitely elevate your outfit to the next level. Finally, they are also useful (I mean really useful) during vital daily activities like shopping - you will not only look way more stylish with a woven bag effortlessly hanging over your shoulder but your shopping will also instantly become more environmentally friendly.

I have brought together a list of 10 not only beautiful but super affordable straw bags that will help you stay on top of your fashion game and feel less harsh on your bank account.

Happy shopping :)

KAANAS Akumal Woven Circle Crossbody Bag | Sensi Studio Market Canasta Tote | Skinnydip Black Parrot Zip Top Straw Clutch Bag | Anna + Nina Sardinia Rattan Bag | Chateau Toucan Print Straw Beach Tote | Antik Batik Charlie Cross Body Pouch | KAANAS Akumal Woven Circle Cross Body Bag | Kmart Foldable Seagrass Basket | Etsy Vintage Straw Purse

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